This Political Cartoon Is Perfect. This Is Nothing But Modern Day Lynching And Its Sad.

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vruz: this is perfectly centrist, everybody equal, fair and balanced as far as I’m concerned.  as long as they’re segregated from one another, right?

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In a rare moment of honesty, Rick Santorum calls Latino voters “illegal voters.”

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In related news, unemployment dropped by 50% when the Democratic Party hired 5 million oppo researchers to sift through all these juicy GOP debate soundbites.

MJ’s full roundup of debate inanity is here; check it out:

CNN/Tea Party Debate: What You Missed if You Watched Monday Night Football

vruz: Frothy Filth is too fundamentalistic even for the Tea Party. Politicians who are just as nutty, but smarter —like Bachmann— know that they have to find some gullible enough voters (including some among 50 million latin americans) that can support their scam scheme.  Frothy Filth is more like Palin, so blinded by fundamentalism that he’ll fortunately fall from grace even with the nutters.  Bachmann is a real problem yet to be solved though.

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In Albany, Georgia, a small deep-South town where the atmosphere of slavery still lingered, mass demonstrations took place in the winter of 1961 and again in 1962. Of 22,000 black people in Albany, over a thousand went to jail for marching, assembling, to protest segregation and discrimination. Here, as in all the demonstrations that would sweep over the South, little black children participated—a new generation was learning to act. The Albany police chief, after one of the mass arrests, was taking the names of prisoners lined up before his desk. He looked up and saw a Negro boy about nine years old. “What’s your name?” The boy looked straight at him and said, “Freedom, Freedom.”

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Schools have classes called “women’s studies,” and “African-American literature” because the standard for existence set by white men has yet to be rescinded in this age. “Normal” history is the history of a certain class of white people, from the perspective of men. All the other histories are precisely that: other.

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