‎Another significant anniversary this week, one that is not attracting the same attention as 9/11: September 16-17, 1982, Sabra and Chatila massacre. The world will not observe a minute of silence for the 3,500 innocent Palestinian victims of Sabra and Chatila, nor will there be news coverage of the survivors and the unhappy life they lead on the scene of this horrible crime.

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Becoming their own nightmare.

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Here is a series of photos  received from the Jewish Peoples’ Liberation Organization about very disturbing Jewish settler graffiti in Hebron targeting Palestinians and those who support them. Most disturbing. If these statements were targeting Jews there would be headlines. But since these are done by Jews targeting Palestinians silence. The pictures have originally come from the Christian Peacemaker Team in Hebron. 

Be reminded this is graffiti which Israel does not remove.