Scientists Glimpse Images In Your Mind

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Reading another person’s mind is impossible. But it is now possible to see what’s going on in there visually, thanks to scientists at the University of California-Berkeley, who on Thursday announced they had managed to decode the brain signals of three individuals into watchable movies. YouTube movies, to be exact.

The team of neuroscience researchers led by UC professor Jack Gallant accomplished the incredible feat using an MRI machine to record the brain signals of three subjects - three members of their research team, in fact - while the subjects watched movie trailers.

Then, the team took the recorded brain signals and ran them through a database of 18-million-seconds of random YouTube clips, but specifically didn’t include clips of the trailers that the subjects had been watching in the first place.

Berkley’s computer program was able to pick out new clips visually similar to the subjects’ brain imagery and mash them together into composites, creating eerie, hallucinatory new movies that replicate with startling accuracy the exact scenes that subjects saw in the trailers, frame-for-frame.

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vruz: oh look, there’s offensive communistic-vietcong-muslim-northkorean-indigenousamerican-mexican-martian images in your mind!  pre-emptively sent to jail!


Berlin, Germany

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Members of the Catholic clergy wait for the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI before a Holy Eucharist at the Olympic stadium (via guardian.co.uk)

“Members of a homophobic group who ironically have vowed to never have sex with women wait for the arrival of a man who wears silly hats and dresses who will feed them the flesh and the blood of a magical man who allegedly lived over 2,000 years ago and who was also his own son.”

vruz: and don’t forget he’s also a bird, who impregnated the mother of the son.  yes, the son is both the son and the bird who impregnated his own mother. it’s like marty mcfly having a *successful* date with his own mother, but marty mcfly is also a dove. zoophiliac and incestuous  connotations aside, the paradox alone is already crazy, right?

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Countries that allow the death penalty.

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The execution of Troy Davis really irked me. If you haven’t kept up with it, give it a couple minutes of your time. The United States has executed yet another man who may very well have been innocent, and I can’t help but feel embarrassment & sorrow. Too many people have been found innocent after being put to death for me to be ok with capitol punishment. It’s tragic to say the least. 

I wanted to see what other countries still participate in this shameful act, only to find we are in the company of some unsavory places. In case you geography skills are as poor as mine, the countries marked in red include: China, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Cuba, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, & Syria, among others. 

Only one country in all of Europe practices it and that is Belarus.  

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Everybody loves Rush Limbaugh…

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