@RBReich: Media is calling Keynesian pump-priming “liberal” and “Democratic” even though 90% of economists and policy experts agree with it.

ryking:Your “liberal” media, ladies and gentlemen.

vruz: it’s not even bias. it’s subservience.

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Fox News Headlines Vs. The Actual News Headlines - II

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Fox News cited each of these “actual news headlines” as their “source.” 
Fair and balanced. Yup.


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[About] net neutrality, we couldn’t have pulled off something like this Glenn Beck victory without an open internet. Do you think we could run advertisements that talk about what Glenn Beck is doing, could we speak directly to our members and new members, using commercial media? We can’t. And we saw that in play, big time, with the Dobbs campaign. We had ads we simply couldn’t run anywhere except the internet, because of corporate control.