In Defense of Government

“Some of this country’s bravest and best work for the government. Yet in the GOP debate at the Reagan Library, Perry simultaneously praised the Navy SEALs who killed bin Laden and claimed government doesn’t create jobs. Precisely whom does he think those SEALs work for? Enron?”

“If Perry hates government that much, maybe the next time his state’s on fire he can call a CEO.”

Paul Begala

vruz: government is not the worst evil of all. I don’t personally believe that government needs further defence (especially one as powerful with so many legal licences as the US government)  — in any case it needs more serious scrutiny that is sorely lacking, and in some quarters inexistent.  however, it is in this particular situation that the worst evil of all is not government. 

government is an easy target, but what authoritarians are after is not the actual disassembly of government, but the replacement of it with a different one, an even more fascistic, totalitarian government.  why else run for president whilst claiming you’re against government? why run for senator if you are against republicanism?  why would you otherwise run for representative if you have such contempt for the institution that aims to perfect a democratic system?  it’s like fucking for virginity’s sake.

sometimes in certain particular cases that affect individuals directly government is part of the problem, sometimes in cases where the balance of power doesn’t represent the popular mandate government is part of the problem.

government is the lesser problem when the ones who want to bring down government are those who benefit the most from its fall.  and together with its fall, the little semblance of democracy that is left by now.

the camp that holds the world economy hostage is not serious. the camp that ignores the pain of so many people for personal enrichment is not serious.  that’s not the sort of critique government needs. that’s not the sort of scrutiny that benefits public discourse.  mind you, I have trouble understanding how angry calls for destruction can be considered discourse at all.

I’m not against government, I’m not against politics, I’m for democracy, for the popular mandate, and for the rule of law.

The only thing I’m really against is against stupid, and that’s a very large part of what Perry stands for.

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