Asshole Crowd Moment of the Night:

A gay soldier proposed a question regarding the repeal of DADT: ”Do you intend to circumvent the progress that has been made” on allowing lesbian and gay individuals to serve in the military? Members of the crowd booed the soldier.

Rick Santorum responded to the question, saying, “We would reinstitute that policy if Rick Santorum was president. Period.”

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stockardchanning sez: supporting the troops is only okay if they’re straight. because only the straight guys are risking their lives. that definitely makes sense

missatralissa sez: This shit has seriously pissed me the fuck off. Can the heartless GOP/Christian/conservative/anti progressive people just gtfo and make their own country where they rule under a theocracy run my corporations and the upper class. Seriously, I don’t want to share a country anymore with these bigots. 

vruz: mind you, I’m having trouble sharing a planet with these bigots.

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Perry, it becomes clearer and clearer, is Bush without the sophistication or conscience. You’ll notice that at no point does the factor of the Arab Spring come into view. Indeed, Perry seems to view all Arab and Muslim states as a threat which must not be “appeased”. What are the odds, do you think, that he has weighed what Fayyad has done these past few years and made a calculation of how to support forces of democracy and reform in Palestine rather than empower Hamas some more? About as high as the odds of him actually doing due diligence on a death warrant. In that sense, Perry is the best thing for Jihadism in a very long time. In the end, the fundamentalists of all stripes feed each other’s paranoia and worldview. Until the religious war they truly seek can play out.

- Andrew Sullivan (this would be in the correct fucking place if Tumblr’s iPhone app worked correctly. I mean, seriously guys. Is it that fucking hard? It’s your JOB.)

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The GOP’s definition of “Class Warfare” is like their definition of “Clear Skies” or “No Child Left Behind”…Black is White, Up is Down, Right is Wrong…it’s just more of that famous Republican Doublespeak.

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vruz: I disagree.  It is war, and it’s always been on. you’re only getting to feel it in the flesh recently.  it’s stupid to let the republicans victimise themselves and pretend nothing is happening.  it is war, and it’s always been against the weak and the poor.

it’s a war that only centrist moral relativism can decline to face.

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Bill Maher on the fact-free, information-proof GOP alternative “reality”.

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