Countries that allow the death penalty.

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The execution of Troy Davis really irked me. If you haven’t kept up with it, give it a couple minutes of your time. The United States has executed yet another man who may very well have been innocent, and I can’t help but feel embarrassment & sorrow. Too many people have been found innocent after being put to death for me to be ok with capitol punishment. It’s tragic to say the least. 

I wanted to see what other countries still participate in this shameful act, only to find we are in the company of some unsavory places. In case you geography skills are as poor as mine, the countries marked in red include: China, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Cuba, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, & Syria, among others. 

Only one country in all of Europe practices it and that is Belarus.  

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Troy Davis execution: Race vs rights on ‘scales of injustice’

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This Political Cartoon Is Perfect. This Is Nothing But Modern Day Lynching And Its Sad.

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vruz: this is perfectly centrist, everybody equal, fair and balanced as far as I’m concerned.  as long as they’re segregated from one another, right?

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Death penalty is the special and eternal sign of barbarism. Where death penalty is applied, barbarism dominates; where death penalty is rare, civilisation reigns.

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