War Inc: Pentagon uses video games and movies as recruitment propaganda.

logicallypositive sez:

They also make a really good point about the bad economy as a recruitment tool. A lack of job prospects is why I was ready to join for a while. You also have a lot of students like myself, with degrees in topics like mathematics, who are struggling to find a job and well, the military sounds alluring when they forgive your loan debt and pay you $50k a year right out of school

vruz: buy them kids on the cheap with state money and send them to the war front to fight the billionaires’ wars. so much for exceptionalism, predation of the young at the expense of the old is the way decaying empires have always been.

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Why Defense Cuts Are Nothing to Fear

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The United States could substantially cut its defense budget and still spend more money on our military than every country that even plausibly threatens us combined. Can someone explain why that isn’t enough? 

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vruz: because it’s the corporations that make all the shiny toys who are sucking on the tit of the state, with zero accountability. the budget just grows larger and larger, and you can’t argue with the guy with the gun.

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