Thanks to Ron Paul, libertarianism of a certain stripe may be more popular than ever, and its influence on the Tea Party and the broader conservative movement is not hard to see. All the same, this brand of libertarianism is never going to “cross the chasm,” as the marketing folks like to say. It’s destined to remain a minority creed, and that’s not because most Americans are stupid or immoral. It’s because libertarians have done a terrible job countering the widespread suspicion that theirs is a uselessly abstract ideology of privilege for socially obtuse adolescent white guys. Ron Paul sure isn’t helping.

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  8. zeitvox said: "The chasm" is so integral to libertarianism. It’s primarily a pose that can’t really do anything. Success, pragmatism or transfer to popularity (however mixed up) - any work of any sort - necessarily abrogates its pure and pointless abstraction.
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