Asshole Crowd Moment of the Night:

A gay soldier proposed a question regarding the repeal of DADT: ”Do you intend to circumvent the progress that has been made” on allowing lesbian and gay individuals to serve in the military? Members of the crowd booed the soldier.

Rick Santorum responded to the question, saying, “We would reinstitute that policy if Rick Santorum was president. Period.”

—via pantslessprogressive

stockardchanning sez: supporting the troops is only okay if they’re straight. because only the straight guys are risking their lives. that definitely makes sense

missatralissa sez: This shit has seriously pissed me the fuck off. Can the heartless GOP/Christian/conservative/anti progressive people just gtfo and make their own country where they rule under a theocracy run my corporations and the upper class. Seriously, I don’t want to share a country anymore with these bigots. 

vruz: mind you, I’m having trouble sharing a planet with these bigots.

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    Wow. How can we be so cruel...our soldiers, gay or not, “You’re not even worth dying for...
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    =/ Poor man. We’re saying, “You’re not even worth dying for us.” How can we be so cruel? Why, Santorum?
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    I will bet you fucking anything that those boo-ers have called for support of “the brave men and women fighting for our...
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    Santorum, Fox News, and bigotry at its best.
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    oh my god this moment made me so mad. I can’t believe the response… It was just so disgusting… remember the last debate...
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    Fuck that shit. Ugh I’m not even American and US politics are pissing me off so bad right now.
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    This makes me ashamed to be Christian. Aren’t we supposed to be accepting?
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    Hey, don’t be so harsh to Santorum. What he actually said was, sex has no place in the military and it shouldn’t matter...
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    fucking republicans I swear to god I hate all of them fucking fuck fuck fuck
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    I swear, if any of these people become president I am pretty much giving up on this country. I can’t even. That man puts...
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    So. Much. Anger.
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    Congrats on your country, guys.
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